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Bahria Town Karachi is a large place along with multiple precincts and categories. We have all confirmed list of all the prices regarding multiple precincts in this region so that you can take a look at the categories in which you can invest there.

There are multiple villas, apartments and commercial units in Bahria Town Karachi where investment has become easier and affordable. Keeping in mind the standards of Bahria Town Karachi, these precincts are fully equipped with each and every amenity.

bahria town price inner

Note: the prices which have been mentioned above keep changing with time and property trends. This plays a great role in determining multiple angles of the open market along with the volatility of the current developed market. This will allow you to mold your ideas and investment feedback regarding multiple projects.

Bahria Town Karachi Prices 2022

BTK Rates – Bahria Town Karachi Rates are increasing every day, so keeping the track of these BTK Rates Indicative is necessary for the investors to invest. DHA Times provides BTK Rates Update on a daily basis, we offer Bahria town karachi latest prices with a minimum and maximum price bracket. Bahria town Karachi rates are changing over time due to a very dynamic market so one always needs to know about the BTK rates today before buying in any precinct.

 Precinct 1Overseas Block250 sqyd50 lac185-250 lac
 Precinct 2Quaid Villa200 sqyd72 lac2.5 crore – 3 crore
 Precinct 2Iqbal Villa150 sqyd99 lac1.9-2.50 crore
 Precinct 3Residential Block2000 sqyd190 lac6 crore to 11 crore
 Precinct 4Residential Block500 sqyd46.50 lac2 crore-3 carore
 Precinct 5Midway Commercial125 sqyd3.5 crore4 – 5 crore
 Precinct 6Residential Block250 sqyd28 lac1.20 -1.70 Crore
 Precinct 7Residential Block1000 sqyd86.5 lac2.90 – 4.50 Crore
 Precinct 8Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac1.30 – 1.90 Crore
 Precinct 9Bahria Hills500 sqyd46.50 lac1.90 – 4.50 Crore
 Precinct 9Bahria Hills1000 sqyd86 lac7 – 8 Crore
 Precinct 9Bahria Hills2000 sqyd1.90 lac8 – 12 Crore
 Precint 10AResidential BlockVilla 20049.5 lac2.10 – 2.50 Crore
 Precint 10BResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac55 – 60 Lac
 Precint 11AResidential BlockVilla 20049 lac2 – 2.5 Crore
 Precint 11AResidential BlockVilla 12542 lac1.70 – 2.90 Crore
 Precint 11BResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac55 – 60 Lac
 Precint 12Ali Block125 sqyd30 lac66 – 95 Lac
 Precint 12Ali Block250 sqyd28.50 lac85 – 1.50 Crore
 Precint 14Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac55 – 60 Lac
 Precint 15Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac56 – 60 Lac
 Precint 15AResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac57 – 60 Lac
 Precint 15BResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac58 – 60 Lac
 Precint 15BResidential Block500 sqyd46.5 lac59 – 60 Lac
 Precint 16Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac1.20 – 1.50 Crore
 Precint 17Residential Block500 sqyd46.50 lac3 – 7 Crore
 Precint 17Residential Block1000 sqyd86 lac3 – 7 Crore
 Precint 18Farmhouse1 acre4.10 crore12 – 16 Crore
 Precint 18Farmhouse1.5 acre5.55 crore17 – 20 Crore
 Precint 18Farmhouse2 acre7.46 crore25 – 30 Crore
 Precint 19Apartments2 Bed 950 sqft26.60 lacs90 – 1.10 Crore
 Precint 19Apartments3 Bed 1950 sqft63 lac1.85 – 2.25 Crore
 Precint 19Apartments4 Bed 2250 sqft82.60 lac2.25 – 2.50 Crore
 Precint 20Golf City500 sqyd85 lac95 – 3 Crore
 Precint 20Golf City1000 sqyd1.55 crore3.50 – 7 Crore
 Precint 20Golf City2000 sqyd2.55 crore4.50 – 9.50 Crore
 Precint 21Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac42 – 60 Lac
 Precint 22Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac45 – 75 Lac
 Precint 23Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac40 – 60 Lac
 Precint 24Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac45 – 60 Lac
 Precint 25Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac40 – 60 Lac
 Precint 26AResidential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac40 – 60 Lac
 Precint 27Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac45 – 70 Lac
 Precint 28Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac50 – 70 Lac
 Precint 29Residential Block500 sqyd46.50 lac1 – 1.50 Crore
 Precint 30Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac70 – 1 Crore
 Precinct 31Residential Block125 sqyd17.25 lac50 – 70 Lac
 Precinct 32Residential Block250 sqyd28.50 lac60 – 80 Lac
 Precinct 33Residential Block500 sqyd46.50 lac80 – 1.15 Crore
 Precinct 34Sport City250 sqyd36.55 lac65 – 85 Lac
 Precinct 35Sport City350 sqyd1.45 crore2.50 – 3.50 Crore
 Precinct 36Sport City500 sqyd58.50 lac1.75 – 2 Crore
 Precinct 36Sport City1000 sqyd92.75 lac1.95 – 2.20 Crore
 Precinct 37Sport City1000 sqyd92.75 lac1.50 – 1.80 Crore
 Precinct 38 xxSport City1000 sqyd92.75 lac1.15 – 1.50 Crore
 Precinct 40 xxSport City250 sqyd36.55 lac55 – 75 Lac
 Precinct 40 xxSport City500 sqyd58.50 lac70 – 90 Lac
 Precinct 42 xxSport City250 sqyd36.55 lac-42 – -72 Lac
 Precinct 43 xxSport City500 sqyd58.50 lac-42 – -72 Lac
 Precinct 44 xxSport City250 sqyd36.55 lac-42 – -72 Lac
 Precinct 45 xxSport City250 sqyd36.55 lac-42 – -72 Lac
 Precinct 46 xxParadise250 sqyd59.25 lac-42 – -72 Lac
 Precinct 47Paradise250 sqyd59.25 lac85 – 1 Crore
 Precinct 48Paradise250 sqyd59.25 lac75 – 1 Crore
 Precinct 49Paradise250 sqyd59.25 lac75 – 1 Crore
 Precinct 50 xxParadise500 sqyd95.50 lac1.20 – 1.55 Crore
 Precinct 51 xxParadise500 sqyd95.50 lac1.25 – 1.50 Crore
 Precinct 51 xxParadiseVilla 500 sqyd3 C 85 lac4.50 – 5.50 Crore
 Precinct 52 xxParadise250 sqyd59.25 lac-38% to 43%
 Precinct 53 xxParadise250 sqyd59.25 lac-38% to 43%
 Precinct 54 xxParadise500 sqyd95.50 lac-38% to 43%
 Precinct 55 xxParadise500 sqyd95.50 lac-38% to 43%
 Precinct 56 xxParadise500 sqyd1C 72 lac 50k-20% to -47%
 Precinct 57 xxParadise1000 sqyd2 C 72 lac 50k-20% to -47%
 Precinct 58 xxParadise1000 sqyd3 C 72 lac 50K-20% to -47%